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If your instrument is in need of repairs or maintenance, please contact me by email me or telephone and tell me the issue you're having with your instrument along with any photographs you think relevant. I will follow up by email or telephone for an early discussion about what needs to be done and an estimated price. Please note that some repairs can be more extensive once they are examined in person. 

You can bring your instrument to my workshop in person, or send it to me by Canada Post Express or messenger service. If you are shipping your instrument to me, please follow the easy packing instructions below to ensure that your instrument arrives safely! After you've sent your instrument, please email me the tracking number and the cost of the shipment in order to estimate the same for its return.

Once your repair is complete, you will be notified by email and to make arrangements for payment and return, either in person or by Canada Post Express or messenger service. Payments can be made by Interac e-transfer or cheque. Cash is accepted only in-person. 

If sending by e-transfer, please send me the security question and answer for depositing your payment in a separate email.



  • BRIDGE REPLACEMENT - Violins & Violas, $50 - $65 - Cellos, $175 - $200

  • NUT REPLACEMENT - Violins & Violas, $25-$30 - Cellos, $75

  • SADDLE REPLACEMENT - Violins & Violas, $25-$30 - Cellos, $75

  • SOUND POST SETUP & ADJUST - All, $50 and up.

  • PEG ADJUST OR REPLACE - Violins & Violas, $40 per peg - Cellos, $80 per peg

  • FINGER BOARD REFINISH - $100 and up

  • RE-ANGLING NECK -  Violins & Violas, $100 and up - Cellos, $200 and up.

  • MINOR & MAJOR CRACKS - By estimate only.

  • RE-GLUING JOINTS - By estimate only.

  • VARNISH TOUCH UP - By estimate only.

  • CLEAN & POLISH - $50 and up.

  • BOW REHAIRING -Violins & Violas, $65-$75 - Cellos, $100


Before you put your instrument in its case, slightly loosen the strings. Then, cut a kitchen sponge to fit under the strings on each side of the bridge as shown in the photo below. Similarly, cut another piece of sponge to tuck under the wide end of the tail piece. This will prevent anything from falling during transit that could damage the surface or your instrument.

For packaging, place the instrument in its case, and then in a suitably sized box with bubble pack between the case and box as shown in the second photo below. Make sure the case does not move inside the box. Add more bubble pack, crumpled newspapers or packing peanuts to tighten the fit if necessary. This will prevent the instrument from sliding around as the box moves from place to place.

MOST IMPORTANTLY - Purchase and place FRAGILE stickers on each side of the box, or write it in large red capital letters with a thick marker.


Gwyneth Wilbur

342 Reardon Road

Elmsville, NB E5A OB6

Telephone: 506-466-1932

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