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Fixing a Violin


There is currently one violin available for sale



This magnificent violin, with its rich red colour and golden undertones, is based on a 1733 Guarneri del Gesù design. The concept behind this instrument was to utilise locally sourced wood originating from our woodlot and surrounding areas in Southern New Brunswick.


The top of the violin is created from a mature spruce tree that once dominated the corner of a field on the site of a heritage farm in Charlotte County, NB. The back, sides and neck are made from poplar trees which grew on our 175 acre woodlot and were harvested using our beautiful Percheron horses.  The chin rest, tail piece, end button and pegs are all high quality ebony. 


The choice of poplar instead of traditional maple creates a very light weight instrument allowing it to emit a bright even voice. This violin has a unique, sustained resonance with a responsive sound.


Retail price: $4,000

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